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Your Ice Cream Container May Become A Soap Dish!

artisanal soap dish ice cream container recycled plastic recycled plastic soap dish

Did you know the container that holds your delicious ice cream may take on a new life here at MamaGaia?  I can take your used ice cream container and convert it into a beautiful, 100% recycled plastic artisanal soap dish!

 recycled ice cream container

Break The Single Use Plastic Cycle!

Here at MamaGaia one of my goals is to change the way that we use and think about plastic.  Unfortunately, a lot of the plastic that is used these days is single use - used once for some convenient service and then chucked.  Then we buy something else that is single use and the cycle repeats.  This is the single use plastic cycle that I want to break.  

We Use A Lot Of Single Use Plastic - Such As Ice Cream Containers

We are surrounded with single use plastic in our lives.  Think about all of the stuff you buy at the grocery store that comes in a single use plastic container - shampoo, liquid soap, condiments, humus, drink bottles, yoghurt, and ice cream.  The list goes on and on.

Imagine if we could turn that plastic into something useful that is going to be around for a long time?  

Spoiler alert - we can and I am!  

 recycled ice cream container

1 Ice Cream Container = 1 Original Soap Dish

Yep, here in my shop I can take your used ice cream container and turn it into a beautiful artisanal soap dish.  Read this if you want more details on how it works.

Here are the specs that show 1 ice cream container is equivalent in weight to 1 original soap dish.

1 ice cream container lid weighs - 26 grams

1 ice cream container bottom weighs - 54 grams

Total weight of ice cream container and lid - 80 grams

Weight of 1 Original Soap Dish - 73 grams

recycled plastic ice cream container

As you can see one ice cream container with lid weighs a little bit more than one original soap dish.  Of course, I am not precise when I make the dishes, so inevitable there is a little bit of wastage that gets cut off to make the final product.  Different colour ice cream containers gives different colours in the soap dishes.

Food For Thought

Next time you are eating some ice cream take a minute to think about that plastic container.  Rather than chuck it, wouldn't it be great if it could be transformed into a beautiful soap dish?  Maybe next time you are about to buy something in a single use plastic container take a minute to think about whether or not you really need it.


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