MamaGaia's Mission

Two hands holding a soap dish each up to the sky, which is blue with some wispy clouds.

 My goal is to solve our plastic problem, by making plastic clean up its own act.  I strive to use plastic that would otherwise be wasted, to make things that reduce the need for more plastic creation.  

A real solution to our plastic crisis will be multi pronged and will address not only wasted plastic but also change human habits which create a lot of unnecessary waste from single use plastic.  My aim is to create things from this recycled plastic that will reduce the need for more single use plastic and other waste.  I would like plastic to clean up its own act!

Since plastic that has already been created from our precious resources will be with us for a long time, let's treat it with the respect it deserves, and use it for things that we want to have around for a long time.  

Working in my shed, I am slowly turning the heaps of recycled plastic I've amassed into my first creations - beautiful, unique and colorful soap dishes.  All my earnings from the sales of these soap dishes will go towards more solutions to increase our impact and decrease our waste.  Thank you for your support!