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Free shipping in New Zealand for orders over $50
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Soap Dish Types

We offer 3 types of soap dishes, useful for many different situations.  All MamaGaia soap dishes are made from 100% recycled plastic, collected locally in Taranaki, New Zealand.

The Regular Soap Dish has been recently updated and improved.  The ridges are more pronounced, the rim is a little higher, and it does an even better job now of keeping your soaps dry between uses.

The Hanging Soap Dish goes well in your shower or beside your sink.  It has little ridges and a drain to keep your soap dry between uses.  It comes with a suction cup to stick it onto your shower wall or inside your sink.  


The Shower Dock is our newest (and quickly becoming our most popular) soap dish.  It's large enough to fit even the thickest bars, with a drain along the bottom making it impossible for water to pool and get your soap soggy.  It comes with a heavy-duty suction cup so that you can affix your soap dish to any smooth surface.