Full of Pride
Full of Pride
Full of Pride
Full of Pride

Full of Pride

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This one has such lovely rainbow colours!

Our artisanal soap dishes have been around!  Each one is hand made from 100% recycled plastic.

The Hanging soap dish collection is made up of unique, one of a kind soap dishes. The soap dish you see in the photo is the one you get.

-Each soap dish is unique - no two will ever be the same!

-Our soap dishes are lightweight and unbreakable.  They will be around for generations.

-These are made to be functional and beautiful!  With ridges on the bottom to help elevate the soap, and an opening in the front to drain, they will keep you soaps and bar shampoos dry for longer.  

 - Each hanging soap dish comes with a suction cup, and waxed cord so that you can hang them in your shower or any other smooth surface.

-An excellent, treasured gift

-Our soap dishes encourage bar soap use, and hence less single use plastic - it's plastic cleaning up its own act!