The Lucky Dip Category
The Lucky Dip Category
The Lucky Dip Category
The Lucky Dip Category

The Lucky Dip Category

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These dishes are cool, and each so unique that they don't really fit into any other category.  Surprise yourself with a Lucky Dip!

Our artisanal soap dishes have been around!  Each one is hand made from 100% recycled plastic.

The Taranaki Collection is made up of unique soap dishes.  You will not necessarily get one of the dishes in the photo, but are guaranteed a unique dish similar in colour to those in the photo.  MamaGaia makes each soap dish with love by hand, meaning that no two are every exactly the same.

In Rainbow Collection, each soap dish has several different colours, and no one colour predominates.  

-Each soap dish is unique - no two will ever be the same!

-Our soap dishes are lightweight and unbreakable.  They will be around for generations.

-These are well designed, with 4 legs, ridges and a drain to keep soap dry between uses.

-An excellent, treasured gift

-Our soap dishes encourage bar soap use, and hence less single use plastic - it's plastic cleaning up its own act!

If you would like to pick out exactly which  soap dish you will receive, check out our Featured Collection.